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Arzhang Pezhman

Oberon Books

If you could only go back and change things. That’s all he wanted, to go back and change things.

The Large Hadron Collider – expected to address some of the most fundamental questions of physics, advancing the understanding of the deepest laws of nature and our existence, but sparking fears that the particle collisions might produce a black hole – the end of life as we know it. David is a good teacher. Struggling to stay afloat in the modern day stressful world of secondary education and doing his best to keep his life on track, he immerses himself in his work. He has a passion for physics and he’s desperate for his students to share his enthusiasm. There’s just one boy, Kyle – the school loner, who takes an interest in science and shares David’s thirst for knowledge. But when Kyle is picked on by his troublemaking classmates, Reece and Chantay, all of David’s good work starts to unravel. Their disruptive behavior is a catalyst for colliding personalities, resulting in an explosive reaction.

A contemporary and dynamic new play about provocation, Gravity is a fictional story with roots in the real-life newspaper headlines of today’s society.


Arzhang Luke Pezhman is a writer for both film and stage. Previous stage writing credits include Local,Come Around, Tics, Blood at the Root, Bolt-Hole, Intervention, and Soul Seekers. Feature film script credits include; Kirigami (Script/Small Screen Visions/Claire Ingham, 2002) and Our Home (RezaShirazi/Media Art, 2011). Arzhang was Writer-in-Residence at Soho Theatre in 2006 and also works extensively as a dramaturge and writing tutor. He is currently developing a new play for stage, a six-part television series and a short story for children/teenagers which he also hopes to develop into a stage play.

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