Over the past year, the compounding crises facing our theatre ecology have intensified, leading some theatres to close or downsize while some theatre workers have left the field altogether. In our Theatre Leader Connectedness meetings, the grief and burnout have been palpable. That’s why we hosted Rest Up in April, our virtual gathering of self and collective care practices—and our highest-rated convening ever. 

On November 9th & 10th, we’ll build on that work with Charge Up, a virtual gathering to share the changemaking practices our field needs now. From inflationary pressures to the climate crisis to hollowed-out public spaces to rising violence and polarization, so many of the crises we face also exist in our broader culture. When we make common cause and learn with changemakers within and beyond our theatre sector, our collective strength to meet these crises grows.

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That’s why Charge Up will connect theatre workers and trustees to activists within and beyond our sector to share practices. What can our community engagement departments share with community organizers? How can our marketing teams learn from canvassers and get-out-the vote initiatives to connect with audiences? In a time of precarity, how can mutual aid and other resource-sharing models foster abundance? What are the cross-sector media strategies we can use to advocate for renewed investment in public goods, including the arts

Charge Up is a gathering for everyone in our field—theatre leaders, trustees, artists, educators, marketing and development staff, and more—as well as anyone interested in the intersection of the arts and activism. Participants will engage with two days of skills-building sessions to help our theatre ecology learn from wide-range of practices. These practices will not only benefit individual theatres and theatre-makers, but also build the collective power our theatre ecology needs now.