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Little One & Other Plays

Little One & Other Plays

Hannah Moscovitch

Playwrights Canada Press

Three one-act plays from acclaimed author Hannah Moscovitch.


“[Little One is] a psycho thriller, in fact, but a witty, smart and insidious one that owes more to Roman Polanski than to A Nightmare on Elm Street.”

—Martin Morrow, The Globe and Mail


“Hannah Moscovitch is our most competent playwright, and that’s not faint praise.”

—Robert Cushman, National Post


“[Other People’s Children is] a triptych of emotional horror, painted with a kind of precise detail normally reserved for tranquil still life paintings.” —John Coulbourn, The Toronto Sun


A chilling psychological thriller, Little One is the haunting story of adopted siblings Aaron and Claire—one the definition of normal, the other deeply disturbed and unpredictable—and the strange lives of their neighbours, a man and his mail-order bride.


In Other People’s Children, wealthy young power couple Ben and Ilana hire Sati, a live-in nanny, to care for their baby daughter, but Sati ends up being more than a caretaker, exposing the fragility of Ben and Ilana’s marriage. Is she filling the holes in their relationship, or widening cracks that will shatter their family?


High school is hard, especially for Neyssa, who is not from a privileged family like her best friend Bijou. When the two get into a physical fight at school, they must confront what’s really bothering Neyssa. In This World looks at what friendship means to two teenage girls from vastly different social backgrounds, while dealing with racism, class, and reputation.


Hannah Moscovitch is the acclaimed author of East of Berlin, Little One & Other Plays, The Russian Play & Other Short Works, This Is War, and several other works. She has written for TV and radio, and was a contributing writer to the CBC Radio drama series Afghanada for five years. Hannah has won multiple awards for her work, was the first Canadian woman and Canadian playwright to win the prestigious Windham-Campbell Award and the first playwright to ever win the Trillium Book Award. She lives in Halifax.

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