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Themba: A Boy Called Hope

Themba: A Boy Called Hope

Lutz van Dijk

Aurora Metro Press

Now an award-winning feature film

 “An inspirational coming-of-age drama about a young South African boy’s escape from poverty and the pursuit of a dream.” Spling online

“… It’s a rags to riches story—a story of hope, of dreaming your dreams and achieving them, and it’s also a story of friendship…” The Sunday Independent

“Themba reminds me of my own childhood and youth in a township close to a small village in the Transvaal in South Africa: Like him I wanted to escape poverty, like him I had the hope that our world will be a just world one day—and like him I loved my mother who was working at the time as a maid for a white family. To be very honest: in soccer Themba seems to be simply better than I was.” —Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Growing up in rural South Africa, Themba dreams of becoming a famous footballer. One day he leaves his village and travels with his sister to the city in search of their mother. Life is a struggle there and Themba has to grow up fast.

A lucky break gives him the chance to train as a footballer in the premier league. Finally, he’s playing professionally and everyone wants to know about the rising young star – but Themba has a secret – should he tell the truth and risk everything he’s ever dreamed of?

Lutz van Dijk is a prize-winning author. Among other books he has written a novel for young people, Stronger than the Storm, and The History of Africa, with a preface by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. His books have been published in several languages including Chinese and IsiXhosa. Themba has been made into a movie which won a Unicef award in 2010.

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